Dungeon Crawl The Unraveled Tower (5E/3.5E)

Standing in the place between planes, the Unraveled Tower is shrouded in legends. Hiding ancient knowledge and powerful artifacts, the tower lured mages and scholars from across the multiverse. Not all of them returned home, however, losing themselves in the tower, going through the infinite knowledge that could be found there. Will you be able to uncover the secret of the tower, or will you join them in eternity?

Discover the way into theUnraveled Tower and find secrets that are hidden there from the eyes of the mortals. Find a way to get to the top of the tower and decide it’s fate!

The Unraveled Tower is a one shot dungeon crawl for parties at level 8 (or 12) for the 5th and 3.5 editions! Featuring new monsters and multitude of puzzles and obstacles for players to overcome, it can be easily dropped in into any arcane themed adventure as a point of interest, where adventurers could discover powerful magic artifacts, or find long lost arcane knowledge.

About the Unraveled Tower

  • Arcane themed dungeon crawl, filled with magical secrets, puzzles, and creatures long lost to the void.
  • Great place to point party to search for magical knowledge and arcane secrets
  • Setting agnostic the Tower can be located in any fantasy world.


  • A dungeon crawl ready to be dropped in any adventure
  • New hand drawn map (with walls, lights and all monsters already placed in correct positions in VTT editions)
  • 3 new, illustrated magic items
  • 3 new monsters, with custom tokens

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This item is produced by Dragonshorn Studios

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