First preview for January! Moorish Spearmen

First preview for January! Moorish Spearmen First preview for January! Moorish Spearmen Andalusian Spearmen: 6 front row models, 4 second row models, and 3 generic ones that can fill in the back ranks! Representing the backbone of the Moorish armies, these are Andalusians or North Africans brought by the Empires to add to the ranks of the newly taken over Taifa Kingdoms. These can also represent the Mozarab warriors of Christian armies from newly conquered territories and refugees from the Moorish Taifa Kingdoms
These were designed to be crowded together, as you can see in the pictures, to build a more realistic looking unit of spearmen on the battlefield, and also to fit nicely on walls, defending the besieged castles from the Christian armies storming Lisbon or Almeria! (and others of course)
Sappers and Trench: Sappers were combat engineers with extremely specialized tasks who’s methods of accomplishment varied throughout the ages. Trenches were used in medieval times and prior to assist soldiers in getting closer to the wall they would assault safely and under cover from archers. These trenches would be dug diagonally, and often used in tandem with mantlets for more cover.
These sappers would dig underneath walls while simultaneous reinforcing the tunnels so they don’t collapse over them while working. Then when ready, prior to the use of gunpowder as explosives, they’d remove or compromise the supports within the tunnel directly underneath the walls and collapse the wall. How often this was used I don’t know, but enough for it to be known as a tactic across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.
These sappers are provided in full bodies, and half bodies to simulate them being in the trench. Of course you can cut the full bodies however you’d like to simulate different depths. The inspiration to make these came from these WWII Japanese figures done by sculptor Raphael from Studio Historia.

Check it out!