A Very Seelie Christmas

It is the night before Christmas, and Santa is on his way to deliver presents to all the children in the Multiverse. Or is he?

While soaring through the skies, Santa inadvertently flies through Fey territory. Angered by this intrusion, the Joyslayer, a powerful Fey that keeps her lair there, shoots down Santa’s sleigh and kidnaps his reindeer. Christmas is in danger unless someone can help Santa repair his sleigh and rescue his reindeer from the Joyslayer’s clutches. Time is of the essence, and only a party of brave adventurers can save the day. Will you step up to the challenge?


A 6 to 8 hour long festive adventure designed for a characters of 3rd to 5th level.

Print friendly version.

A Bestiary Appendix including a new CR 5 monster.

NPC and monster token pack that can be printed or used in your VTT of choice

Full color DM and player maps, including VTT versions (grid and gridless). Includes an illustration pack that you can use to provide your players with full immersion.

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This item is produced by Antonio Munoz Carreno

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