Beware the Yule Cat (OSE)

You all know the cat of Christmas
— that cat was huge and fat.
No one knew where he came from
nor where he was at.

Night is falling across the frozen plains of the Northlands. It’s Yule Eve, but you’re tired, hungry, and footsore. Ahead lies the village ofKöldhorn — Cold Corners in the Common tongue — where you are sure to find warmth, food, and shelter, especially on this festive night. But upon arrival you find the streets deserted, and the villagers hidden behind locked doors. Soon, you realize that you’ve inadvertently found yourselves in the middle of a generations long struggle between the people of Cold Cornersand the evil fae trollGrýla, her husbandLeppalúði, their sons the mischievousJólasveinar — or Yule Lads — and worst of all her favorite pet, the fierceJólakötturinn, better known as the Yule Cat.

A Village in Peril

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