We knew getting Dita out of the building wasn’t going to be easy. She was snobbish, spoiled, and used to having things her way. Vajra was certain she was just going to get us killed.

While Vajra scouted ahead, I hung back to guard our prickly little socialite. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Dita with a look of silent distress, having begun that uncomfortable little dance that we humans knew all too well.

“No way!” I hissed, frowning at her. “Now?!” She nodded vigorously.

Vajra was due back any moment, probably ready to move fast. Dita curled around herself in a failing effort to stop the urge. I glanced around frantically, looking for a fresher, only to spot some packing crates nearby.

“Over there!” I whispered, indicating the items with the barrel of my pistol. Hurry up, and for Agan’s sake, don’t make any noise!”

With the exception of the mention of freshers (bathrooms) in starship deckplans, little attention is paid to the more…unpleasant…aspects of living beings, especially how they eliminate waste products from their bodies. During an adventure, Referees and Players alike ignore the need to go to the nearest fresher, and keep themselves clean in general, in favor of high adventure and firefights. But biological processes are a fact of life, and these processes are important, from the simple shedding of integument to the elimination of digestive wastes. Almost as important are cultural processes such as keeping oneself clean and well groomed.

This supplement for CE/CD/OSFRPG aims to take such things into account during adventures. These suggested rules aren’t intended to make a mockery of the Referee’s game (indeed, using these rules properly calls for a degree of maturity), but instead to bring a bit more realism, and perhaps a minor complication or two.

Hygiene. Don’t forget to wash behind your ears.

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