The Drunkard’s Conspiracy An Inquisition Murder Mystery Episode IV

“Of course it’s a trap…but how else do you expect to catch me?”

In Episode IV, the Inquisitors are faced with an unfortunate reality corruption within the ranks of the Inquisition itself. Tracking down one of their own as a suspect, they may not like what they find…or rather, what finds them.

Another entry in our growing portfolio of murder mystery adventures, this entry takes the series in a horrific new direction. Taking around 3 5 hours to run, five pregenerated character sheets are included. You can start right away or have fun making your own!

This adventure is part of The God Trials collection, created and written by Ammon Hansen. Specifically, this is product 18 of 20 for 2022. Follow us on Twitter (@TheGodTrials) or Instagram (the_god_trials) for updates! New adventures will be released every Saturday.

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This is intended as a single session adventure (around 3 5 hours), meant to be played as a one shot or dropped into any existing world or campaign.

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