The Ghost Ship

Baldur’s Gate in 1490 DR. A rotten and pilotless ship arrives in the misty harbor in the middle of the night. Can the heroes figure out what the cargo is and how the ship made it to the gray harbor?

The Ghost Ship is a mystery horror one shot adventure for 3 to 4 players of level 2 to 3. Notes on possible difficulty adjustments for higher level heroes can be found in the text.

Start a new and creepy one shot adventure for new players as well as new DMs without the need of much preparation.

Or start your next campaign with an adventure full of mystery and evil forces threatening the city of Baldur’s gate!

This beginner Adventure contains everything you need to start, right out of the bat

  • 3 general hooks to get your players into the story depending of their class type

  • A clearly arranged flow chart

  • A straight forward Storyline

  • about 4 hours of mystery, finding clues and creepy monsters.

  • 4 colored printable Maps

  • Handouts

  • Colored illustration of the BBEG and monsters

  • and much more…

We made sure that every character type can be easily integrated into the story.

By providing three easy hooks, that lead straight to the storyline, without adding too much distraction.

The story can easily be altered to emphasize battle or mystery/roleplay.

The 600 dpi PDF will be printable with all its detail at our home printer.

And all battle maps are provided as separate JPGs so you can print them as big or small as you need.

This is our first published D&D Adventure, and we would love to make more!

Download the PDF now and pay what you think it is worth.

But hurry up prices will be adjusted in the future.

Till January 01th 2023pay what you want

Till April 01th 20235,99 €

After that7,99 €





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