Town Map Beaconsville

The seaside town of Beaconsville is home to about 350 residents predominantly a mixture of humans and dwarves. As it has been centuries since the town was first established, there are conflicting accounts as to the origin of the name. Surely the lighthouse was built *after* the town was named, right? Maybe it was named as a sign of love and devotion to the Lord of Light, whose holy presence is worshipped within the stone walls of the local church…

This product in the form of a downloadable ZIP file contains both a map pack as well as a 4 page PDF document that serves as a map supplement. Within the PDF document you’ll find a brief description of the history of Beaconsville, as well as short descriptions and potential plot hooks of each of the ten points of interest (which correspond to the map).

More specifically, the map pack includes

  • Original (4000×4000 pixel) settlement map, hand drawn using digital art tools
  • Larger image (5800×4200 pixel) which includes the original map as well as a legend and labels, identifying the ten points of interest and listing them in the legend
  • Same as above, but with the ten points of interest having blank spaces in the legend, so you can fill in your own location names
  • Same as above, but with no labels at all and just a blank legend to write whatever information you want
  • All the above in both JPG and PNG

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