Wintertide Stronghold – Map Pack

Wintertide Stronghold [Part 04] – Map Pack Wintertide Stronghold [Part 04] – Map Pack Lets get into Christmas spirit. This month it’s time for icy walls with Wintertide Stronghold’s three-part continuation.
Here’s the fourth part.
Cold shivers and an on-going snow storm are all that’s between you and infiltrating the impregnable stronghold… but only if we weren’t considering the stony cliff, large brick walls, and dozens of guards! Drawing nigh into the night, the foray begins. You worm yourself past the cliffs with mountain gear equipped, and from your hip, grab a belt of sorts. A belt that’s capable of expanding and functioning as a rope, with a hook at the end. You throw it around the stronghold’s wall but fail the throw. Guards are alarmed by the sudden sound but luckily can’t spot anything. Their eyes no longer scan the area, thinking it must’ve been a scurrying rat or fleeing bird, and continue their business of patrolling the wall. You take a deep breath and attempt the throw again. This time the rope swirls around the wall successfully, hooking itself on a brick crevice. First, you pull twice to test the strength, and then you commence your ascend. “Brother, I’ll find you,” you state with much conviction.

Grid size: 24×34 Formats: JPG, PDF (7200×10200 pixels, 300DPI) Variations: Original, Midnight, Shadowfell, Royal Sun, Clean, Ethereal Plane, Black Obsidian, Crimson Blossom Download Link (€1+ Rewards) Download Link (€3+ Rewards)’
~ We’re hoping you enjoy these maps as much as we like making them. Stay tuned for another map later this month!

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