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Wizards of the Coast has been very generous. They’ve made a lot of artwork from past editions of D&D available for DMs Guild products (as well as for personal use). For free.

But it can be very hard to find art you want of a specific creature or other subject. There are many collections to search, and the file names are frequently non intuitive. If not downright misleading.

Enter the DMs Guild Creator Resource Art Directory. This is an Excel spreadsheet of data to help you find the professional artwork that you are seeking. (Not a PDF, because there are too many columns.) For those without Excel, we’ve also included tab delimited text files. You can import these into the spreadsheet of your choice.

All 1,953 scanned images, gathered from 38 creator resource collections, are listed within. (Although some are duplicate images scanned from different sources or for different collections.)

A beholder fires eye rays at adventurers on a bridge over a river of lava
TAB Scenes
Subject various (halfling/gnome, elf, human, beholder)
Description A beholder fires eye rays at adventurers on a bridge over a river of lava
DMs Guild Creator Resource Eberron Heroes & Villains Art Pack
File Name beholder.jpg
Source Eberron Campaign Guide
Source Edition 4e
Page 120


Included are

  • Subject Such as one or more creature types, map locations, etc.
  • Description A description of the image similar to (and possibly usable as) Alt Text. (Note not all images have this yet. Will eventually add for the remainder.)
  • DMs Guild Creator Resource The name of the resource package WotC published. A link for getting this is on the Links tab.
  • File Name The file name the image is saved as in the resource above.
  • Source The original D&D product(s) this image was published in.
  • Source Edition The D&D edition(s) of said product(s).
  • Page The page number(s) the image was on in said product(s).
  • Tags Up to 7 keyword “tags” that you might find useful when searching for a particular topic or feature.


Subjects are also grouped by category in separate tabs (including a tab that includes ALL)

  • Creatures
  • Humanoids (PH)
  • Scenes
  • Maps
  • Objects
  • Handouts
  • Backgrounds
  • ALL
  • Links
  • Credits

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We want it to be as easy as possible to find professional artwork for your D&D products. Wizards of the Coast made this art available to all for use on the DMs Guild. (Thanks, WotC!) So go make something fantastic!

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