Eldritch Ancestries Bugbear (PF2e)

Pre new version Available on Foundry VTT for Free thanks to Tikael, Please consider buying/tipping if you enjoy!https//github.com/TikaelSol/PF2e Expansion Pack#felsine and bugbear ancestries …

Escape the bonds of your past as a bugbear! These goblinoid peoples are swiftly becoming more and more understood and escaping from situations that have trapped them in darkness for far too long. Strong and boisterous, anyone who makes a friend of you is in for a life of adventure, strange entertainment, and a powerful ally.

This PDF includes

  • 1 ancestry
  • 6 heritages
  • 20feats
  • 3 bugbear artworks by Lluis Abadias (one censored to be Safe For Work)

Now includes screen reader compatible PDF for the visually impaired.

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