Eldritch Ancestries Felsine (PF2e)

Available on Foundry VTT for Free thanks to Tikael, Please consider buying/tipping if you enjoy!https//github.com/TikaelSol/PF2e Expansion Pack#felsine and bugbear ancestries …

This new Pathfinder Second Edition ancestry is for the cat lovers! Now with a brand new coat of paint and some refinement!

The Felsine are a small but adaptable people. They hold great respect for the providers in society and strive to offer what they can to ensure the safety and happiness of their clans!

This new Ancestry contains the following

  • A full ancestry including lore and suggestions.
  • 6 heritages
  • 9 level 1 ancestry feats
  • 4 level 5 ancestry feats
  • 2 level 9 ancestryfeats
  • 2 level 13 ancestryfeats
  • 1 NEW level 17 feat
  • 3 new weapons
  • Alternate PDF for visually impaired use

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This item is produced by Eldritch Osiris Games

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