Festive Map Pack 1

This map pack for TTRPGs features 6 maps all themed around the festive winter season. There is a map of an Ice Cave, there is a Giant Present Pile, a Rooftop, a Toy Workshop, a Sleigh Flying Through the Sky, and a Decorated Tree Plaza. These maps come with and without a grid.

The Ice Cave features a snowy exterior and a bone littered interior. Blood stains and ruined camping supplies indicate that someone or something is attacking those who decide to make camp there for the night. Could this be a yeti? Or perhaps something more sinister?

The Giant Present Pile is surrounded by a platform with a few cranes towering over the pile. A wooden chute drops the presents on top while the workers monitor and distribute the presents from their balcony. Could there be a present the players are trying to steal? Or maybe something within the pile doesn’t want anyone to touch its presents.

The Rooftop is slick with ice and has a double wide chimney on the top. Do the players need to get some presents down that chimney? Hopefully nothing attacks them before they can complete their mission.

The Toy Workshop is located in a small winter village with a small frozen pond across the street. Inside you’ll find tables full of toys being built, piles of presents in the corners, and an office for the manager. Could the players be helping make toys? Or maybe they are trying to stop toy production.

The Sleigh Flying Through the Sky has 9 reindeer leading it through the cold blizzard filled night. Luckily the leading reindeer has a red glowing nose, but what could be trying to stop this sleigh from reaching its destination? A blizzard monster? Or perhaps the players?

The Decorated Tree Plaza is located in the middle of town and is the grandest tree around. Presents litter the ground under the tree and the surrounding buildings hung garland between their buildings. Hopefully no one attacks the tree or attempts to steal it.

These maps were made on Inkarnate.

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