Legendary Companions

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Every adventure is better with a faithful companion at your side.Legendary Companionsis the latest volume in our series of player focused supplements, dedicated to your character’s best friends because familiar, animal companion, bonded mount, eidolon, phantom, and drake are classes in their own right and deserve a manual dedicated to them! In this book, you will find expanded rules for familiars tied to bloodlines, domains, and arcane schools; new rogue talents, eidolon evolutions, and phantom emotional foci; a new druidic domain, a hunter animal focus and a drake power; archetypes for characters focused on their rapport with a companion, or allowing classes without companions to take one; companion enhancing mythic abilities; new feats (both normal and mythic) adding new abilities to companion creatures and blurring the lines between familiar, animal companion, and cohort; new magic items, especially a plethora of never seen before figurines of wondrous power to use either as temporary or permanent companions; rules for intelligent animal, aberrant, outsider, and magical beast companions; and of course many monsters both old and new to take with you in your epic fights against monsters and demons! Grab this incredible 52 page class expansion by Margherita Tramontano today andMake Your Game Legendary!

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