Necromancer Hall Wip #1

Necromancer Hall Wip #1 Necromancer Hall Wip #1 Hi everybody,
here’s a first glance of the Necromancer Hall structure!
The set is still Work in Progress, but I love how it is turning out. It uses walls that are similar in style to the Castle and Laboratory sets, but with themed necromantic decoration (skulls, skulls and more skulls!). It has a version split in the middle for playability, as usual, and various options (internal rooms, two kind of stairs – the 2inches one in the picture – and a few iconic backdrops, tons of different walls). The whole thing is designed to fit previous printed set you may have ready, so that you can actually choose what new pieces you want to print without eating resin on a whole new set. I hope that that monster in the back finds a place in your collections! This large crying skull fountain was built in honor of the Lord of Bones, but his cultists know his true name: the Pale King. It is no surprise that the leader of these cults are Lichs, and one is dwelling right here.
Objects and props are still work in progress: I’ll post an update on them too before january. All the release should be ready and supported by the first day of next year!
That’s it for now. Thank you again for the support: I wish you happy hobby time and a happy break!

Check it out!