Ring Mimic

Surprise your players and their PCs with this mischievous and sneaky little monster.

Will they befriend the ring mimic? Or will they become its next meal?

Use the mysterious ring as a fun one time encounter in the middle of a larger dungeon crawl.

Or weave a web intrigues and lies for your party to untangle over many sessions.

This digital booklet contains

  • a description and game stats for the ring mimic, as a monster and a magic item,

  • suggestions on how the DM can adjudicate investigating, including magical divination,

  • story hooks and plot ideas.

Game designer and writer Lucas Garczewski

Proofreaders Barbara Karlik, Danai Chondrokouki, Iain MacAskill, and Keaton Tann

Illustration Andy Lever

Additional illustrations

  • Carlos Cara Álvarez

  • Dean Spencer

  • Jared Ondricek





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