Santa’s Happy Workshop

‘Santa’s Happy Workshop’ is a roleplaying game about a team of Christmas elves who work in Santa’s workshop. Santa is a tyrant, lording over an ultra capitalistic dystopian nightmare factory at the head of a multinational corporation, presented to the rest of the world as a happy place of fun and magic.

The player characters are recruited into a specialist team, Santa’s Little Helpers,to help Santa hunt down and destroy threats to his rule communists, magical elves andtraitors. The players are all of these things.

Unlike most other roleplaying games, this one is not about players working as a team to overcome adversity. It is about players screwing over other players, either to please Santa, or simply to stay alive.

The game is intended as a light hearted and fun adventure for playing single sessions, with three or more players, plus one player acting as the Game Master (GM).

Included are the rules in PDF form, which are suitable for printing, a printable character sheet, and an editable PDF character sheet for online play.

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