Sojour Solo Virtual Table Top (VTT)

Sojour is a Windows based Virtual Table Top designed for solo role playing. It is system neutral and can be used with any RPG.

Sojour is primarly used as a journal, but it also includes advanced mapping, tokens and time management. It can even create maps and circular tokens directly from your scenario PDFs!

Once bought, Sojour is yours to keep. There are no subscription fees, online servers or DRM. All your data remains your data, stored on your computer. Sojour endeavours to store all of its data in a non proprietory format to let you use that data in other tools.

Sojours Features

  • Ability to create maps directly from scenario PDFs (or file system)
  • Ability to create circular tokens directly from scenario PDFs (or file system)
  • Scaled maps that can support either the metric and imperial measurement systems
  • Smooth map scrolling and zoom
  • Smooth token movement animation, including the ability to having them face their direction of travel
  • Map measurement tools
  • Map drawing tools
  • Ability to have the map take most of Sojour’s window at a click of a button
  • Tooling to create custom calendars
  • Time tracking, including creating events
  • Journals with built in spell checking, dice rollers, conversations and more!
  • The majority of data is stored in a non proprietary format on your hard drives
  • Ability to export journals to RTF files
  • Unified token sizes that can be tweaked in Sojour, regardless of source image size
  • Data tables and lookup tables for generating events
  • Two built in dice rollers for the journals
  • Built specifically for solo play
  • Run on the users machine and installed with a standard windows installer. No tedious configuration, no internet connection required
  • Comes with a 128 page illustrated manual and two helper windows
  • Document support for PDFs and RTFs
  • RPG system neutral. Can be used with any RPG
  • Hit point management for Npcs
  • No subscriptions and no drm. Users will have access to free updates when they become available
  • Turn modelling and time tracking, including an initiative tracker

Minimum Required Computer Specs

  • Windows 10 or 11 (Sojour uses .net 4.7)
  • A graphics card that can support Direct X 9.0 with at least 4Gb of memory
  • 8Gb RAM
  • 146Mb of disk space not including space for user assets
  • Mouse and keyboard

This is an indie project by just one person, hence the relatively cheap price. I wrote Sojour not just to sell, but for myself. I’m currently using it to run three campaigns with three rather famous RPG systems. As such, I will continually improve it as I get new ideas and as you good folk send me ideas (there is an email link in the manual).

Please take into account that this product is only supported by one person and not a team or a company before purchasing and I hope to see you exploring your worlds real soon.

If you need more information, look for Sojour on YouTube.


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