Stonehill Blues


A small group of bandits and ne’er do wells had set up their base in some abandoned ruins outside of Steeproost. From there, they’d been raiding passing caravans and causing trouble for the locals. Recently, however, a giant basilisk dug its way into their underground base and set up a nest. This has driven the bandits to the surface. Before long, one of the basilisk’s hatchlings made its way to the surface as well and now the bandits have been driven away once more. Hoping to get someone else to deal with the problem, the bandits reported a basilisk sighting to the local militia posing as concerned citizens. They in turn posted a 100 gp reward for whoever could slay the creature and bring back proof of its demise. The bandits’ plan is to let some foolish adventurers deal with the basilisks, then they’ll deal with the adventurers.

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