Strange Lights


The old Dustrock Mine used to be a profitable endeavor nestled in the hills just outside of Steeproost. A few years back though, ankhegs burrowed up from deep underground and the mine had to be abandoned. Now, the ankhegs have built a nest within the twisting caves and passageways. Most folks stayed clear of the old mine and all was well. Recently, however, a pair of nasty and nefarious will o’ wisps have been luring folks to their death in the belly of the mine. They use their unearthly glow to draw people in and then relish the carnage as the ankhegs drag them inside to be turned into dinner. At first it was just random travelers, but now a member of the town has disappeared and the local militia is worried. They’ve put out a reward of 100gp for anyone who can bring back the missing man, dead or alive.

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