Dungeon Crawl Sanctuary of Serpents (5E/3.5E)

Something sinister is happening in the jungles of Jakatar… Snakefolk terrorize people living in the villages on the edge of the jungle, and the giant serpents kidnap those who try to discover what lurks inside. The rumors say the evil priestess of Shaska’hs found an ancient temple where great evil was once vanquished… but did the heroes of old really destroy it all?

Venture deep into the Sanctuary of Serpents and discover the secret behind the recent kidnappings, and stop the cult of Shaska’hs from unleashing unspeakable evil upon the people of Jakatar!

Sanctuary of Serpents is a one shot dungeon crawl for parties at level 4 (or 7) for the 5th and 3rd editions! Featuring new monsters and multitude of obstacles for players to overcome, it can be easily dropped in into any jungle adventure as a point of interest.

About the Sanctuary of Serpents

  • Jungle themed dungeon crawl, with new enemies that heroes can fight… or try to sneak by.
  • Great place to point party to search for forgotten lore, or as a place they stumble up during their journeys through the jungle
  • Setting agnostic the Sanctuary can be located in any fantasy world that has a jungle!


  • A dungeon crawl ready to be dropped in any jungle themed adventure, with several leads
  • 2 new maps
  • 4 new monsters, with custom tokens
  • 2 new, fully illustrated magic items

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