Dusk’s Ascent Core Rules and Setting

The Express Frontier System (EFS) is a condensed and concise roleplay gaming System, designed for advanced Gamesmasters or those already familiar with Original Frontiers games. It is also my way of giving something back to the greatest gaming community in the world – the world of Tabletop RPG gaming.

EFS can be used with any setting. All you need is the Reference Sheet and the Character Sheet, and you are all set to begin your adventure.

You may add to, amend, or disregard any aspect of this System. You can create all manner of NPCs or creatures which flout the rules of Character Creation or Skill Rating limits. You may introduce Weapons, Armour, Specialities which advance play, and even additional Status Effects. All that should matter is that you are able to facilitate the telling of your story. Once you have a setting and a few story points in mind, simply hand out the Character Sheets and refer to the EFS Reference Sheet when Actions need to be taken. It really can be that simple.

If you wish to use the Express Frontier System for your own Setting/Scenario, it is available here for free

THE EXPRESS FRONTIER SYSTEM Tabletop Roleplay Gaming System Original Frontiers | DriveThruRPG.com

Above all I wish you a fun and fulfilling RPG adventure.



By the year 1643 much of the world was in a state of perpetual war. The Western powers focused their resources on both dominance on the continent of Europe and within the New World. It was during the Summer of this year that the renowned explorer Enrique Eldritch, a Portuguese scholar and Captain under writ of the English Crown, unearthed a parchment along with an ancient artefact off the coast of Gibraltar. The artefact was a golden statue of the Baphomet head – an ancient tribute to the Horned God. The parchment read that the time for the global unification of Humanity would be preceded by a brutal war in the shadows. This war would pit the most malevolent forces the Spirit Realm of Kur (also known as Hell or the Underworld) could spew forth into the Corporeal Realm. It was clear to Eldritch that the Corporeal Realm was a reference to the planet Earth. The parchment also gave directions for the summoning of Baal, a Spirit in service to the Horned God, and for a ritual which would seal Baal’s pact of protection with Humanity. Eldritch sealed the Pact, accepted Baal’s gifts, and in doing so became Balthazar Forneus, first Priest of the Temple of Dusk’s Ascent on Earth. This unlocked the innate Human ability to commune with Universal Energy and manifest Magic.

Many decades have now passed and Eldritch’s legacy lives on. Those he trusted to join him are known as the Ascended – Humanity’s only defence against the evil denizens of Kur and the humans who serve them (known as the Forlorn). Most of Humanity remains ignorant to the struggles faced by the Ascended.

The year is now 1722 and Humanity is no closer to unification – far from it. The war between the Ascended and the Forlorn continues to play out behind the scenes

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