Hunt of the Dragon Queen

“Hunt of the Dragon Queen” part of the “Detailed Encounters” series!

Each “Detailed Encounter” features new monsters with unique stat blocks, new magic items, a custom battle map, and interesting NPCs. It also has story hooks and advice enough, to quickly turn it into a separate adventure!

About “Hunt of the Dragon Queen”

Tactical focused combat in the flooded Dusk Forest, home to lizardfolk tribes and dracotaurs. Adventurers have to overcome lizardfolk hunters that lay an ambush on them. In the process, they catch a glimpse of the feud between lizardfolk and their dracotaur masters. Whatever will be the outcome, adventurers would have a chance to involve themselves in the Lizard War afterward and aid the Greenfang clan in the restoration of their independence.

This book contains

  • A detailed encounter on the ford in the swamp with a tactical description of enemy behavior.

  • Complete backstory, quest hooks, and suggestions of how you can unfold this encounter and turn it into a separate adventure.

  • A detailed map of the flooded part of the forest, with ambush spots and tactical opportunities!

  • A unique magical item.

  • New monsters, including long forgotten dracotaurs from the older editions of D&D.

  • A challenging encounter against the lizardfolk hunting party that involves players in the Lizard War.

The “Hunt” is best suited for an adventuring party of 4 6 characters of level 5 6 but can be scaled up or down in terms of threats (advice on how to do it inside the book).

Encounter mapPart_of_Book

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Stretch goals

  • If this title reaches Silver status I will release an adventure based on the hooks of this story.

Last note

All and any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Help me make each new adventure better than the last one 😉

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