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Over the years I’ve created physical deckplan posters for most of the ships in myFuture ArmadaandArmada Codexproduct lines. Included in this product is a digital version of one of my posters for use in gaming via computer or with a table top projector. These are 24×36 inch jpeg images at 150 dpi. There’s one image for the front of the poster and one for the back.

They are at 1 inch = 5 feet scale with a grid built into the floor specifically for Starfinder and similar games.

The Panthari design is the latest product of the Shipwrights of Syros 2, which has quickly become the preeminent design house in the Nexan Theocracy. Using the technologies developed for the Chimaerus and Trinity designs, the Panthari cruiser is a medium large warship on par with ConFederation designs like the Mourning Wolf and Morningstar.

This ship has six crew cabins and a pair of barracks with ten berths in each. She is heavily armed with a trio of manned plasma cannon turrets and a trio of larger main gun emplacements. Panthari carries a Luna class ship’s boat, which is also well armed and has seats for a dozen people. A military grade Rottweiler recon vehicle and a pair of multi function drop pods (for boarding actions, planetary assault, or emergency escape) support additional mission profiles.

An additional 35×56 and 20×30 inch image of just the ship (without the labels) is also included. This is on a plain dark background with all parts of the map aligned to the same grid, which may be more convenient for use in VTT programs. A little 7×10 image of the Luna class ship’s boat is also provided.


These ships are from the“Panthari”issue of the 0 hrArmada Codex, also for sale at DriveThruRPG. That product details the interior areas of the ship and provides a sample history and generic stats. It also includes miniature scale deckplans (on a plain white background) broken into pages for printing.

Demo documents and sample art for every ship and station is available at0 hr.com.

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