100 Books to Find on a Fighter’s Bookshelf

Books can be useful and they can be valuable, but not every such book in a fighter’s possession will be of truly outstanding value, though; the majority will be lesser books of lesser value, and this supplement has 100 books on subjects of interest to such types to flesh out their bookshelves. Whether or not any book contains information that is useful or valuable is up to the GameMaster. In a fantasy setting, even a book of lesser importance will still have value, with a suggested price of 1d6 gp per book. They do not have to be books either, as these could also be found as scrolls, or perhaps clay or stone tablets. In both cases the value would be reduced and in the latter case the tablets would be much harder to transport, and much heavier.

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Here are some sample results

  • Legendary Weapons by Ertha Kedaro (Histories and myths of some of the most renowned weapons wielded over the ages)
  • Life of a Man at Arms by Desnia Loront (The author’s experience working as a man at arms for a noble household)
  • Light Versus Heavy Different Armours for Different Purposes by Huthon Idrix (Looks at different armours, dividing them into light and heavy, and looks at the different benefits and problems with each)
  • Logistics for Commanders by Erithana Unif (On maintaining supply lines for military commanders, especially in hostile regions)
  • Look After Your Weapon by Orris Chelpak (How to maintain weapons in the best possible condition under less than salubrious conditions)

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