10th Anniversary Fantasy Locations Add On

This 10th Anniversary Fantasy Locations Add On was part of our 2022 Kickstarter. All new fantasy location tracks for your game. All tracks are 10 minutes long, perfect for looping. List of tracks below!

Medieval City Capitol Day
Medieval City Capitol Night
Medieval City Capitol Rain
Medieval City Capitol Underground
Enchanted Lake
Dwarven Mead Hall
Dwarven City Capitol
Dwarven City Market
Elven City Capitol Day
Elven City Capitol Night
Elven Forest 2
Orc City Capitol Day
Orc City Capitol Night
Orc City Capitol Rain
Dungeon Room 1 Fountain
Dungeon Room 2 Magic Runes
Dungeon Room 3 Unstable
Dungeon Room 4 Kitchen
Bonfire Night
Mountain Keep

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