30 terrifying oneshots for horror rpg

Those oneshots are structured in four parts. Without imposing a linear plot, this approach opens perspectives while imposing events to face. The revelation answers the questions of the first two thirds of the adventure and requires the reaction of the characters. It is designed for oneshot of two or three hours, with a simple yet disconcerting plot and little preparation.

These oneshots have all been played and tested, many times with significant differences in the ways they played out. I have chosen to keep only the very core of the plot, so that each Game Master will add subplots, flavour, atmosphere, allies, opponents, traitors and locations. One of the pleasure and privilege of game mastering.

After a shocking and odd trigger, the characters will face disturbing events, try to make sense of them and then a full (or partial) understanding of what’s behind the scene will push the characters to decide how to fight, what to sacrifice or where to escape…

Those oneshots were tested mainly with Cthulhu Dark and Monster of the Week. I also used World of Cthulhu, a homebrew hack of World of Dungeons.

I hope you will enjoy those journeys in nightmarish lands.

Any comments and reviews will be greatly appreciated.

Cliff Hanger

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