After These Messages Sitcom RPG

Cue the Laugh Track

Game Time becomes Prime Time as you and your players create and play through episodes of a TV sitcom with After These Messages. Using the Powered by theApocalypsee alone with group worldbuilding this game allows players to create their own sitcom and try to keep the audience entertained to make it through six seasons and a movie. Most players will take on a classic sitcom trope complete with their own catchphrase while the game master become the director trying to balance the shows budget and help the other players gain as big of an audience as (possible for the show to get even more funding.

Cooperative Play at the Core
After These Messages is not only not anadversarial game but has mechanics that require everyone at the table to help eachother succeed in popularity so the show as a whole can keep going.

What’s Included?

  • Complete rules for creating a sitcom pilot and full season
  • 7 playbooks encompassing classic sitcom tropes
  • A unique budget mechanic for Game Masters to balance
  • A plot hook generator filled with classic sitcom plots to start any session
  • 7 premade sitcom templates to speed up play or recreate your favorite shows
  • Special rules for Clip Shows, Bottle Episodes, and Very Special Episodes
  • And many more custom rules to play the show you want

The 7 Tropes of After These MEssages

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