Akashic Spheres Expanded

Akashic Spheres Expanded provided a wealth of new content for those who wish to combine the Akashic Magic and Spheres of Might and Power subsystems, as well as for those using Spheres of Akasha!

This book contains content expanding on Spheres of Akasha, as well as content that provides spheres content to traditional veilweavers, and traditional veilweaving to spheres content!

Contained within this book is content including

  • New Spheres based archetypes for the Transendent, Thug, and Vizier!
  • New Akashic based archetypes for the Crimson Dancer and Warden!
  • A new PRC that blends Akasha and Spheres of Might, the Veiled Soldier!
  • Thirteen new sphereshaper veils!
  • Seven new akashic treasures that interact with the Spheres!
  • New talents and sphere specific drawbacks that interact with veils and essence for the Mana Sphere!
  • New Veilweaving Sphere treasures to utilize akashic treasures!

For those who want to see the full contents, the full Table of Contents is available in the PDF preview!

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