BattleSauce Boiled Down

This is our brand new, updated rule book. If you can play 21 (Blackjack) and roll dice, you can play BattleSauce! We use a standard deck of playing cards, a twenty sided die, and a six sided die all of which you can grab at a convenience store if you don’t have ’em already!

BattleSauce Boiled Down cover and sample pages

We’re very excited to release BattleSauce Boiled Down! This black and white, printer friendly PDF contains the newly updated rules and mechanics to play the ‘Sauce in just 43 pages. We will launch a Kickstarter for the definitive, 200+ page, full color, BattleSauce CookBook in early to mid Spring 2023 which will include tons more art, illustrated examples, more weapons, more spells, more Gear, and even ten fully illustrated, playable Trades!

Join our community on Discord as we continue to expand the World’s Tastiest RolePlaying BoardGame BattleSauce! You’ll find playable Trades, new Proteins, Weapons, Armor, Monsters, and more, more, more!

Still Only .99!

You can’t even get a pack of gum for .99 but here’s what you can get

  • Complete BattleSauce Rule System
  • Simple, fast combat mechanics with exciting critical strikes!
  • Awesomesauce board game mechanics move around the board with mechanics that will surprise even the SauceBoss wiping out all who stand in your way!
  • Overwhelming Odds + Army mechanics! Strategery will get you everywhere! That and Tactical Advantages command your armies into battle or fight 100 Potato Goblins in riveting combat!
  • Finish Them!End your opponents in a flashy, over the top, Super Cool Finishing Move!
  • Bind Magic and unleash Spell! Er, you know! No need for ‘houses’, magic wands, or fancy finger moves Just a deck of playing cards for casting any spell you want!
  • Exhilarating Vehicle Mechanics! Zip around the stars, plunge into the deepest seas, or race around town GTA style it’s all in the ‘Sauce!
  • Master a Trade, become a threat level Category learn skills that make your character unique from every other player and propel you into god Category!

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