Clash of Circuits A Halion Sourcebook

Welcome to Clash of Circuits A Halion Sourcebook. This booklet will provide you with everything you need to embark on an epic adventure in the legendary land of Halion. The World of Halion is heavily influenced by science fiction, fantasy, and epic tales of the future. However, Halion is not a normal sci fi world. It is rather a ancient fantasy world on a backdrop of a lost sci fi civilization, where technology is understood as magic and the divine.

As you explore Halion, you will encounter familiar elements, creatures, and technologies from science fiction and fantasy—but the rules are sometimes different here. Highly Autonomous Artificial Lifeforms have only recently awakened and taken control. But they are still weak and dependent on others to support them. The world of Halion blends high tech with the dangers of the unknown and mysterious. Robots, androids, and AI systems now exist alongside genetically modified humans and cyborgs, which are mystified and join together in ancient cults to bring about the prophecies of the stairway to heaven program.

Our goal is to make your party feel like heroes in a science fiction epic — the ultimate fate of Halion is entirely in your hands. Your players will have to make choices that shape the future of the world. How will your players alter the course of Halion, and what does it mean to be a hero in a world governed by artificial beings?

This book offers you a comprehensive introduction into the unique cybersaga world of Halion. The rules are designed for the Phoenix RPG System, but can be adapted easily to the Fate Core System..

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