Critical Rolls (5E)

Add some excitement to your tabletop RPGs with Critical Rolls! When you or your players roll critical fails or successes, roll a d10 and a d6 on one of the Critical Rolls tables for additional effects!

This product includes tables for Critical Fails, Critical Hits for Players, and Critical Hits for GMs, each of which enhances your combat encounters with exciting (and embarrassing) effects.

Also included are the Good Luck and Bad Luck tables, which include special effects that can be “cashed in” by the GM or players when they matter most!

There are two parts to every tabletop RPG—winning and losing, doing well or doing terribly. Resounding successes are always satisfying, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun when you fail, too! Make critical rolls exciting with these awesome tables from Nord Games today!

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