DunJon eZine (Issue #64)

Perhaps the World’s finest fantasy art and cosplay magazine.

Dozens of printable poster/print quality images, plus random riddles, magic items. dungeon annd city maps. Plus a Unique ancient artifact suitable for most role playing game systems.
DunJon Fantasy Femme Fatale eZine as it names suggests is fantasy art magazine that primarily focuses upon femme fatales. (Beautiful, yet dangerous women.) It is also a print collection. (All buyers of this pdf may print images for personal use.) It is also a Stock Art Catalog, all images in this and other DunJon eZines are up for sale. (Those who want to buy a professional license agreement may purchase HD images to make book/album/game covers, posters, and/or calendars see license agreement section of this eZine for pricing and options. )

This well book marked, fantasy art eZine features images of beautiful women dressed in interesting, often sexy outfits in exotic locations doing amazing things. (Think Super heroines, Steam Punk Fatales, Tomb Raiders, Zombies Killers, Chain Mail Bikini Warriors, Vampires and more!) Other fantasy style images such as dragons, monsters, male heroes/villains, and otherwise interesting images have also been included. These images are presented in variety of styles, that include pure photography, Infrared photography, Surrealistic glow, and/or comic style dark lined impressionism.

This eZine contains dozens of printable 8.5x 11 images, plus bonus material to entertain and amaze you.

All issues now on sale!

*SSD products & DunJon eZine are published by a Disabled Veteran. All Models have been fairly Compensated for their time and effort. No Trees, Animals, Dragons, Cities or Classic Automobiles were harmed in the creation of this eZine.

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