Dustbunnies The Ball of Doom

A buildup of static electricity is causing Dustbunnies from other bands to clump together. As the Dustbunnies struggle to pull themselves apart, the friction creates even more static electricity and even more of them get sucked into the quickly growing mass. The band of heroes must do something to stop it before all the other Dustbunny bands are trapped in The Giant Dustbunny Ball of Doom!

This 6 page PDF is a short adventure for use with Dustbunnies Life Under the Couch(LUTC).

  • A self contained adventure with six fun scenes.
    • Fatal Attraction
    • Three Blind Mice
    • The Air Ducts
    • The Cave of Despair
    • The Laundry Room
    • The Big Bang
  • Statistics for three Wild Card characters and two Extras.
    • The Three Blind Mice (Jimmy the Gent, Henry, and Tommy).
    • Smeowg, the ancient housecat.
    • Boris the spider.

Dustbunnies Life Under the Couchis a setting for Savage Worlds.

Dog House Rulesis an Ace licensee publisher forSavage Worlds.

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