Escape From A Devouring Dream 5e One Shot Adventure

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Escape From A Devouring Dream

A lonely lighthouse has recently become surrounded by dark rumors of eerie sightings and a missing keeper. In truth, the keeper has died of a broken heart, and their web of love and loss links the now abandoned lighthouse to a shadowy plane where a nightmarish predator torments the spirit of the lovelorn keeper. It’s up to your heroes and a helpful faerie to reunite the long estranged lovers and cast out the darkness.

This gothic 5e adventure is designed for one session of low level play in any fantasy setting.

Written by ENNIE nominated writer and Emmy nominated video editor, Steven Pankotai! He has produced many best selling DMs Guild titles like the Player Primer Icewind Dale and Archvillain Archive. This adventure includes the following.

  • Quest summary for easy prep
  • Roleplay notes for the detailed NPC Sam Colborn the Lighthouse Keeper
  • Combat notes for the new monster Dream Eater
  • Original magic item Faerie Torch
  • Roleplay focused skill challenges!
  • Simple map for the main encounter
  • Multiple versions of the detailed, VTT ready map
  • 3 high res PDF cards of the magic item, NPC, and monster
  • 2 VTT tokens of the NPC and monster
Content Warning Death, Depression; If you or any of your players find these themes distressing, please consider playing a different Bob World Builder adventure.

v2 updated layout design of all pack contents, completed an extra round of editing

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