Heavy Gear Revitalized – Gamemaster Guide and Screen 2nd Edition

Welcome to Heavy Gear Revitalized! Until now the older Heavy Gear ebooks available on DriveThruRPG have been scanned copies of the original printed books. Dream Pod 9 is happy to announce the release of high quality electronic format ebooks for the Heavy Gear Classic Roleplaying & Tactical Game publications. Made possible by the team of Michael Butt (Project Manager) and Brad Fischer (Roaring Mouse Graphics) who converted the old Macintosh Pager Maker files into modern Adobe format. A big thank you to Michael and Brad for taking on the massive effort to Revitalize all the old Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear products.

The seemingly deserted hangar suddenly came to life, but Joe Gear was ready. From his right, where Rover Jaxon had disappeared, half a dozen black clad SRID agents sprang into action, leaping from crate to crate, guns blazing for a second before they ducked behind steel containers. Bullets ricocheted off heavy pipes and bounced off Joe’s armor while he lifted his heavy assault rifles one in each hand towards the killers. No need for cover, he was the hero, the man of the hour, the epitome of virility! He pulled the triggers, gritting his teeth and frowning angrily at those annoying swats. His rifles vomited streams of hot lead through flaming nozzles. A bead of sweat trickled around his brow, then down his chiseled chin. This was good, very good! His targets were being mowed down like hapless hoppers, clutching dramatically at their wounds or somersaulting backwards before dying on the floor. Joe Gear let out an angry bellow as the last of the Southern agent died a gruesome death. He lifted his guns up, striking a heroic pose. Some smoke gently spiraled up from the overheated barrels, the peaceful moment contrasting sharply with the previous scene. Joe knew his prey had had enough time to escape.

“You can run for now, Rover Jaxon!” Gear shouted. “I’ll come back…”

“CUT! CUT!” Phil Bull cried over the megaphone. Suddenly, the filming crew froze and Joe Gear once more became Piotr Wellet, mild mannered action movie actor. Bull strode angrily towards the actor, waving think ream of paper the Script.

“It’s ‘I’ll be back’, Piotr, not ‘I’ll come back!”

Running a game is no picnic. This supplement contains vital information that will provide everything both novice and experienced Gamemasters need to run a dynamic, action packed, highly entertaining Heavy Gear campaign. The Gamemaster’s Guide also provides a full list of Perks and Flaws for roleplaying characters, allowing you to add extra detail to your Heavy Gear characters.

  • Plus Three fold Gamemaster’s Screen download with color map of Terra Nova on one side and reference tables on the other.

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