Heavy Gear Revitalized – Northern Vehicle Compendium 2

Welcome to Heavy Gear Revitalized! Until now the older Heavy Gear ebooks available on DriveThruRPG have been scanned copies of the original printed books. Dream Pod 9 is happy to announce the release of high quality electronic format ebooks for the Heavy Gear Classic Roleplaying & Tactical Game publications. Made possible by the team of Michael Butt (Project Manager) and Brad Fischer (Roaring Mouse Graphics) who converted the old Macintosh Pager Maker files into modern Adobe format. A big thank you to Michael and Brad for taking on the massive effort to Revitalize all the old Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear products.

Ber Yanna gritted her teeth as her Klemm tank lurched forward over the dune. The lead tank in her squadron, it was the first to clear the sand and see the forces laid out ahead of her. Intelligence had told them what to expect, but there was nothing like seeing a group of Visigoths in person to get the blood flowing. “You got those targets?”

Yanna’s gunner took his time answering. The enemy had an ECM screen up that was preventing them from using indirect fire. He swiveled the main turret and took shots at the Southern formation with main gun. The rest of the squadron joined in. “Almost.”

Yanna kept the tank moving as enemy shells crashed around her. “C’mon, I can’t keep line of sight forever, you know.”

As if to confirm what she was saying, one f the other Klemms took a glancing blow, its armor shearing off as it absorbed the shell’s kinetic energy.

“Got it! Firing!” Three of the six massive RAVEN missiles on their Klemm streaked over the sand, leaving trails of dust. A second and a half later, two of them smashed into the lead Visigoth, blowing immense holes into it and frying the crew inside.

“One down, three to go.”

The Vehicle Compendium series showcases the most common pieces of vehicular equipment used by the armed forces of Terra Nova in the 62nd century. This second volume contains the tanks and artillery pieces originally found in the Field Guide N2 and the Tactical Field Support, along with a detailed recognition chart and ready to play record sheets. In all, this second volume includes

  • Badger and its variants (Rabid Badger, Badger Cavalry Fighting Vehicle and Medevac Badger).
  • Camel (and its Stinger variant).
  • Aller (plus the Verder, the Hardy Aller and the Naval Support Aller).
  • Klemm (including the Jaxon, the Tyburr, the Baxter, the Bandit Klemm and the Stormhammer).
  • Behemoth (and the Behemoth Ammo Loader).
  • Murdock (and its variant, the Seeker).
  • Antelope (plus the Spotter Antelope).
  • Wallaby (with one of its variants, the Sneak Wallaby).
  • Field Artillery gun.

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