Heavy Gear Revitalized – Technical Manual 2nd Edition

Welcome to Heavy Gear Revitalized! Until now the older Heavy Gear ebooks available on DriveThruRPG have been scanned copies of the original printed books. Dream Pod 9 is happy to announce the release of high quality electronic format ebooks for the Heavy Gear Classic Roleplaying & Tactical Game publications. Made possible by the team of Michael Butt (Project Manager) and Brad Fischer (Roaring Mouse Graphics) who converted the old Macintosh Pager Maker files into modern Adobe format. A big thank you to Michael and Brad for taking on the massive effort to Revitalize all the old Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear products.

Soldat Beringer winced as the heat from the melted circuits penetrated his insulated gloves. The cooling shroud of the Long Fang Naga’s surviving field gun had been damaged and excess heat had poured into the weapon’s articulation circuitry when it had last fired.

“Hurry up. They’re almost here!” Beringer knew Soldat Hennan tracked the approaching Jaguars on her sensors. He gritted his teeth and ripped out the melted wiring.

“One minute,” he mumbled into his helmet comm. Taking out a standard pack of replacement wiring and a surplus cerachip control board, he jury rigged a new connection, praying the glue would hold. Explosions boomed over the ridge behind which they were hiding as the Iguana in their cadre tried to slow down the incoming Gears. Beringer knew he wouldn’t last long without fire support. He climbed over the massive gun to get at the auxiliary cooling vent.

“Merde!” The vent had been fused shut by autocannon hits during the last attack. Beringer hastily took out his plasma torch and began cutting.

“I’ve got them tagged! They’re going to make it inside minimum range.” If the Jaguars got in close, the Naga wouldn’t stand a chance. The twisted square of metal finally fell off and Beringer scrambled into his cockpit. “Go!”

The field gun opened up with a deafening blast and the lead Jaguar vanished from Hennan’s sensor screen.

Nothing drives technological advancement quite like warfare, and Terra Nova has seen more than its fair share. Almost every aspect of technology has greatly advanced, from new armor grade materials and deadly Heavy Gears, to computers that learn by themselves and extensive genetic manipulations. The Technical Manual 2nd Edition examines the technology of the world of Heavy Gear and provides full background and development information, technical illustrations and complete rules for using, repairing and modifying technology in Heavy Gear games.

This book includes the complete Heavy Gear Vehicle Construction System (VCS).

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