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Welcome to Heavy Gear Revitalized! Until now the older Heavy Gear ebooks available on DriveThruRPG have been scanned copies of the original printed books. Dream Pod 9 is happy to announce the release of high quality electronic format ebooks for the Heavy Gear Classic Roleplaying & Tactical Game publications. Made possible by the team of Michael Butt (Project Manager) and Brad Fischer (Roaring Mouse Graphics) who converted the old Macintosh Pager Maker files into modern Adobe format. A big thank you to Michael and Brad for taking on the massive effort to Revitalize all the old Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear products.

“Sir! They’ve made it into the bays!”

Sous Commandant Sabourin cursed loudly. He strode up to the security console and assessed the situation. The Northern infantry had made it into the Eagle Star’s vehicle hangars. The red blips marking the enemy on the monitors were moving out and spreading like viruses. Sabourin knew the situation was hopeless. All that was left to do now was to either fight to the death or surrender.

Sabourin turned to Sevigny, his executive officer. “Evacuate all stations before the Norheads get to them. I don’t want any more casualties than we’ve already suffered. There’s probably another way out of this mess.”

Minutes later, the Northern infantry burst onto the bridge. The fight must have taken a lot out of them. Several soldiers were badly bruised, some were bleeding, a few were noticeably injured. They were high on adrenalin, as if they expected the bridge to be defended by a dozen Gears. Sabourin cleared his throat and stepped forward.

“What can we do for you, ladies and gentlemen?”

Based on the Heavy Gear computer game by Activision®, The New Breed Battle Before the Storm focuses on the two landships from the game. More than a simple background book, it is a prelude inspired by the characters and situations at the center of the computer game. Furthermore, this book contains a complete campaign and provides beginner Heavy Gear Gamemasters with everything they need to start their own series of adventures aboard a landship. The GMs and PCs may opt for a Northern or a Southern campaign, depending on their preferences this book covers both options.

  • Complete history and background for the Vigilance and the Draco.
  • Detailed personalities and Non Player Characters.
  • Army Listings for both Northern and Southern forces aboard the landships.
  • Color section New Breed Perfect Memory.
  • Vehicle descriptions for the Northern and Southern complements.
  • Sixteen RPG scenarios (8 North and 8 South).
  • Eight tactical scenarios (4 North and 4 South).
  • Complete and integrated RPG/wargame campaigns.
  • Detailed deck plans for the Vigilance and the Draco.

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