In the Gloom of Houndskeep (Heroes & Hardships)

“In the Gloom of Houndskeep” is part of the “Edge of Gloom” campaign, now adapted for the Heroes & Hardships RPG system. This adventure will test the Player Characters, over two to four sessions of game play, as they confront the growing darkness. Houndskeep is the last bastion against the Great Evil’s hordes, who seek to invade these lands. Once a safe haven, the reputation of the mountain fortress is diminished in the eyes of many, as Orcs, and even worse, harass the towns and villages that had once found succor under the watchful eye of Lord Falwyn of Houndskeep. The recent death of Lady Falwyn has former retainers speaking of ghosts and other threats against the Lord and his heir.

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