Into the Pit Set 4 The Desert of Bones

Essential battlemaps and floorplans for your TTRPG whether you play around a table or on a virtual tabletop.

Set 4 The Desert of Bones

Three amazing battlemaps/floorplans for your desert campaign. All maps include two versions, one with and one without hexes.

The Oasis and Ruins a watering hole where the local nomads and other denizens of the desert gather. Nearby stand the ancient ruins of Shem Ra where the adventurers unearth an old, sand covered riddle which points them toward the long lost temple of Shem Ra.


The Caravan crossing the dunes in search of the temple, the adventurers happen across a bedouin caravan travelling between the oasis and some distant desert city. But are the wagon drivers and horsemen friend or foe? And what do they know of the secrets of Shem Ra?


The Temple of Shem Ra high on a plateau overlooking the dusty wastes of the desert realm stands the temple of Shem Ra. Floorplans in three parts with a mountainous approach to the temple and the ground floor where traps and treasure may be found. Floor 2 houses the crypts of long dead priests and more traps, this time of an arcane and magical nature. Floor 3 is where the old cult of the desert worshipped the demon deity of Shem Ra. Who knows what foul creatures and mighty prizes the adventurers will find within the dusty halls of this ancient lair.


Scenario is suggested only. We’ve included a key to the temple to help stir your imagination, but the maps and floorplans included with this set can easily be adapted to any desert based campaign, providing an eye catching site for skirmishes and encounters.

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