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Jersey Barriers and Concrete Barriers

Easy to Build Sci Fi Terrain for a Range of Sci Fi/Post Apocalyptic Games

This Print Build Play Modular Wargame Terrain kit is veryquick and easy to assemble. The zip contains 4 A4 PDFs (plus an additional PDF of easy to follow instructions), each with three different designs of Jersey Barrier or Concrete Barriers, giving excellent value per print. Print and build as many Barriers as you like from each PDF, enabling you to create complex modular terrain through their placement to create areas of cover, bottlenecks, and pinch points as well as sniper positions for your gaming scenarios.

The Barriers have been designed for 28mm Wargaming so can be used in Post Apocalyptic Vehicular Combat games such as Gaslands, Car Wars and Devil’s Run Route 666. They can also be used in games such asWarhammer,Age of Sigmar,Necromuda,and Space Hulkas well asGrimdark Future and BattleTech, The Walking DeadandZombicide.

SAMPLE_IMAGE_ _Jersey_Barrierspsd.jpg

These Barriers are fully compatible with all other Black Fortress Sci Fi wargaming terrain.

Despite being designed for 28mm Wargaming, these Barriers can be scaled down for use in 25mm, 20mm and 15mm and 10mm Wargaming by adjusting the Custom Scale percentage in the Print Dialogue Box of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To build the Barriers, you will need a Craft Knife, White PVA glue, Metal Ruler, Cutting Mat and Adobe Acrobat Software (available for free).

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