Kobold Quest Draught of the Dragon (OSR Basic Fantasy)

Kobold Quest Draught of the Dragon is a unique adventure where the party play as a group of kobolds and, through no small amount of cheating and backstabbing, become the greatest kobold champions to ever live!

“An original, fun story with meaningful choices.” Playtester

“I GOT TO PLAY A KOBOLD!” Playtester

“I must admit, it’s one of the best adventures I’ve gotten on KickStarter.” Kickstarter backer

  • 20+ hours of gameplay
  • 8 Newpoisons
  • 17 Newmagical items
  • Over 10 newmonster stat blocks
This version is for Basic Fantasy (OSR). The rules are available for free online (and a link is in the pdf).
This adventure is also available in 5e (click here),Pathfinder 1e (click here) Pathfinder 2e (click here), and Cogent Roleplay (click here).

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This item is produced by Explorer's Guild Publishing

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