kobolds. in the equipment graveyard

Old Rancher Ralth stumbled into the supply depot three days back, bloodied and more taciturn than usual. He threw a sack of small, dragon minted silver onto the register and walked out with a pitchfork, a big length of rope, and a jug of lantern oil. “Got kobolds,” is all he said on his way out, and neither he nor his family have been seen since.

KOBOLDS. IN THE EQUIPMENT GRAVEYARD is a low level adventure in the OSR style, technically written with Bastards. in mind, but designed to be usable in your TTRPG system of choice. It contains

  • Nine rooms and five outdoor spaces filled with improvised traps, decommissioned farm equipment, and kobolds.
  • Non prescriptive adventure design. Make choices! Crawl through the muck! Take over the ranch! I’m not your mom; do what you want.
  • Unique treasure, potential allies, and a grilled cheese sandwich of questionable origin.
  • 16 pages (cover inclusive) in an A6 size. Tidy. Neat. Small.

Illustrations by dead people, in the public domain.

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