Legendary Equipment of the Fallen Magus

The Legendary Equipment of The Fallen Magus

Fallen Magus Cover

This module will present you with a new equipment set! Equipment sets are magical equipment that increase their powers when a single adventurer wears more than 1

Here you can have the backgroud story for the Fallen Magus’ legacy, a narrative hook for helping you in introducing it in your games and 4 different encounters (one for each piece of the set) with unique enemies !

WHAT’S INSIDE? Inside this module you will find • 4 unique magical items with illustrations; • Their increase in power when more than one item is worn; • The set bonus when all items are worn; • A unique story to explore the background of the fallen magus and his equipment; • A narrative hook to implements the items in your campaign with different encounters; • 4 maps for the encounters, all with the dark variation; • 4 unique enemies’ stat blocks and their lair actions.

You can also find the maps for the encounters and new, unique, stat blocks!

Magus pg 7Champion map 1page 6

Moreover, you will find illustrations for all the items and more!

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