Legends of the Eight Kingdoms Armory Sourcebook

This is the Armory Sourcebook for the Legends of the Eight Kingdoms Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

What’s Inside

Over 1700 new Stunts, many concentrated on warriors, combat, and crafting.

Over 1400 new items for characters to use including gear, weapons, armor, siege weapons, and magical items.

Rules for crafting almost anything your imagination can devise with lots of Stunts to support the simple process.

Encumbrance rules that are wholly optional, elegant, and intuitive with many supportive Stunts.

8 Guilds and 8 Mercenary Companies each with an interesting description usable in any campaign and with many unique Stunts.

New magic spells and rituals for the enchanting Magesmith, Warsmith, Steelshaper, Brewmage, and the Swordking Religion with new Invocations and Battle Stances.

New Divine magic for the Forge Father religion with new Secrets, Invocations, Rites, and smithing Stunts.

War Wizard Order and the fire focused Crimson Mage Order are detailed with spells and other arcane Stunts.

2 zealous and aggrressive Religious Orders included the Militant Order and the Children of the Light.

*The Core Rulebook is needed to fully use this book.

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