Monster Wrangler Core Rulebook

Monster Wrangler is a tabletop monster training game that introduces players to the Chosu Region, where Wranglers raise, train, and battle with monsters ranging from deadly constructs to stealthy beasts.

This core rulebook includes

* A streamlined rules system utilizing a ten sided dice system (d10s).

* Full rules for character creation, including nine Classes and a variety of Skills, Perks, and Flaws, as well as rules to play as either Juveniles or Adults.

* Fifty unique monsters that players can recruit, train, and fight.

* Over two hundred powerful Techniques for monsters to unleash in combat.

* A description of the Chosu Region, the nations and organizations that comprise it, and plot hooks to get players involved with the locals.

* Two adventures designed to test the mettle of new Wranglers!

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