Multiverse Dungeoncrawler

This dungeon crawling game, entirely unrelated to anything owned by Hasbro, comes packed with strange new ideas ready to be dropped into any campaign setting. Elves are sung into existence by powerful fey, and different kinds are associated with different songs. Goblinoids are hyper adaptable creatures capable of mutating during their own lifespans based on diet and environment into various goblinoid sub types. Your main front line classes are things like the Chaos Knight, who carries a sword, suit of armor, or some other armament possessed by a demon, and the Rune Knight, who inscribes onto their sword runes that repeat the foundational fractals at the floor of reality for magical effect.

The book also has a bunch of more familiar stuff. The Reaver is a class whose features mainly focus on pure martial prowess and skilled technique, so yeah, that’s basically a Fighter. The Hunter class has a big emphasis on ranged combat and having a cool pet, so there’s your Ranger. The Assassin has poisons and traps and stealth, which makes them you guessed it the Sorcerer.

The whole system is powered by Fate, but heavily modified for the D&D audience. Fate is a very flexible system that can have almost any gameplay added into it, so if you’ve tried Fate before and didn’t like it, that’s probably because you were either playing the core Fate system, or else the expansion book you were using didn’t add in any of the things you actually want from a game. There’s a saying in Fate, which goes something like “when you decide to play Fate, first you finish building the game.” Well, I finished building the game for you, and now it includes tactical combat, dungeon crawls, sieges, character classes and ancestries that make building a character easier, an attritional damage system that wears you down over the course of an adventure in that fantasy style going back to Lord of the Rings, and more.

If you’ve tried to play Fate before and found you didn’t like, I have a question for you Did the person or book who was teaching it to you act like aspects were the most important part of your character? Well, there’s your problem Aspects aren’t the core of your character, skills and stunts are the core of your character. Even the Fate SRD doesn’t seem to get this, probably because aspects are Fate’s bestselling

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