Neon Alley Events

This two page (3 with cover) product provides 25 different detailed descriptions of events that occur in the neon lit back streets and alleyways of a cyberpunk setting. Information for each event is provided in a manner to make such details more universal for different game systems.

Sample Entries

5 to 8 A small crowd (16+4 bystanders) has gathered around a street performer who goes by the stage name of Lenny Van Septic. Lenny is playing a loud midi guitar and singing about the harsh realities of living in the local slum community. A duct tape covered bass and drum sequencer accompanies Lenny’s performance via a pair of cheap computer speakers. A few folks passing by are throwing foreign paper currency, snack packets, and the occasional questionable looking pill into the performer’s open instrument case.
For those in the know, Lenny was the front man for a once popular but short lived techno punk group called The Fabulous Vomits.

41 to 44 A fight has broken out between two rival biker gangs. The area is filled with the sound of shattering glass, angry shouts, and revving engines, as they battle it out in the alleyway. The bystanders are too scared to intervene, and the nearby vendors take cover. Passersby run for safety, while the brawlers fight on until the police arrive.

77 to 80 A couple of stray pitbulls are digging through knocked over bins of trash in search of food. 1D4+1 young teenagers spot the dogs and start taunting them. As one of the teens throws a rotten piece of board at the creatures one of the pitbulls turns, snarls, and begins chasing the teens through the alley. One of these brats just happens to be the little brother of a local influential mob capo (Dominic “the Whistler” Ferro). Helping this kid out could be beneficial… not helping this kid out could possibly lead to trouble.

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