Never Mind the Dice Rolls issue 019

This is issue 19 of Never Mind the Dice Rolls zine, which is a monthly TTRPG magazine. Each issue contains reviews, scenarios, advice, and other things TTRPG!

Inside Never Mind the Dice Rolls Issue 19

Rolling High– We spoke to a few insiders on how to start your TTRPG career

Review Hellboy TTRPG– We take a look at the RPG of the famous comic series and films

Going Online– Guide for beginners on finding groups and games online

The Problem With Children– The old beholder in the corner problem with NPCs

Review Hunter the Reckoning TTRPG– Our reviewers took on the roles of hunters instead of kindred in this one!

And more!

This issue was published on the 28thof March 2023

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